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Stapleford Trading Ltd is a family trading company which supplies minor and base metal raw materials to industry across the globe.

Stapleford Trading Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stapleford Minerals & Metals Ltd. Its operations include acting as an agent for Metallurgical Products India (Pvt) Ltd, and has in the past established relations between that company and buyers in Japan that are fruitful and continue to this day. Stapleford Trading Ltd also sources Non-ferrous metal scrap for sale into Europe and performs administrative functions on behalf of its parent company.

We endeavour to establish secure and consistent supply chains by participating in collection and processing, and forming long term working relationships. We bring years of experience in international trade to bear in delivering our products to our customers, with an emphasis on reliability, fairness, flexibility, and quality. Relationships with our suppliers and customers reach back in some cases 30 years.

  • We act as a merchant and in joint venture with producers of African minerals, providing the means to bring those products to the international market.
  • We are involved in recovery of copper scrap in East Africa, in collaboration with a telecom provider, and we clean and process the scrap into re-melt copper ingots for international buyers.

Worldwide Agent

  We are the worldwide agent for the distribution of the products of Metallurgical Products India Limited which is a company based in Mumbai India specialising in the separation of tantalum and niobium from minerals such as tantalite and columbite.

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MPIL Mineral & Metal Specification Sheet

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Products and services


 We strive to create value for the small, family unit artizanal miners who are the core of our business, whilst protecting the environmental sensibilities of the areas in which they operate.